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Style & Fashion | Coordinate Your Family’s Easter Ensemble

by Vicki Fairclough

With Easter right around the corner, you want to make sure everyone in your family will look great! And being that you are going through all the trouble to make the kids look great and getting a new ensemble for yourself, you know pictures are going to be a must!

When thinking about how to ensure your family Easter pictures come out perfect, think about coordinating your outfits by color but not too matchy-matchy. We don’t want you looking like you stepped out of an Easter advertisement.

As a busy mom, you probably know what you like and don’t like to wear for special occasions. So I have put together some simple suggestions for coordinating your Easter outfitting around what you love to wear!

Pull from the lovely mint and coral color story when outfitting your family around this dreamy spring print. Dad can wear a teal colored knit polo and slacks and the kids can mix in with a coral plaid shirt and/or lace mint dress

Dress the family in gray and your favorite shade of orange, coral or pink. Being that this dress is a solid, add some print to the family photos either in your layering pieces (like a scarf or cardigan) or on your husband or kiddos with plaid, gingham or floral prints.

This top is so fun and easy to wear and look amazing in! Try some blush tones for the kids (think soft tulle skirts for little girls and light coral for boys) and a taupe colored polo on your husband. This combo makes for a dreamy family portrait that embodies the soft ease of early springtime. In other words, if you love to go for the pastels on Easter, this a more updated modern version for those iconic Easter colors.

I hope these quick tips on coordinating your Easter ensembles have inspired you to look and feel your best! I know your family photos will be shared and treasured for generations so make them unforgettable this year!

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