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Easy Layers for Chic Fall Style

by Vicki Fairclough

Easy Layers for Chic Fall Style

The crispness in the air is finally creeping in. Why does it always feel like it takes forever when the seasons change? I often think it’s the fast-paced life with kids that makes it seem like life is going at lighting speed, but when it comes to changing of the season, it seems to take forever.

I’m happy to say that burnt orange, touches of cranberry and reds are starting to fill up our shop. If you are new to my blogging, I’m Shannon, personal stylist for busy moms and owner of the online boutique, Layered By Cake.

I love the change of seasons because it means new color stories and of course layering. I talk a lot about layering with my clients and there is a good reason for that. You may have heard this before but it’s called the “rule of three.” It’s a stylist’s rule for putting together a great outfit.

I teach this method in my VIP Facebook group page. I teach all my clients the rule of three because it’s quick, easy and effective. Plus, you look like a professional stylist without having to hire one. So let me elaborate on this topic.

The rule of three is simple. It means three pieces to complete an outfit so you look and feel amazing. That’s it, so don’t get stuck in a style rut with basic jeans and tees. Make it look purposeful like you put effort into your outfit by adding a third (or what some call the outfit completer) piece. This third piece can be a necklace or your favorite sweater, but my favorite for fall is the vest.

Here’s a perfect example of some vests we have in store now that are making my mom friends look like a million bucks.

Whether it’s a Sherpa vest or cargo style, vests keep your fall style in check. They add a touch of warmth, but more importantly, they make you look like a style pro. The camo-jacket is also another great way to add some print to your outfit if you are struggling to find some variety for your basic jeans and tee outfit.

Another way I love to layer for fall is in the early mornings when it’s chilly, A a great open front sweater that is neutral in color goes with everything.

Pay attention to the rule of three here. I added a necklace because the weather can still get hot, and if you take off the cardigan, you don’t want your outfit to appear too plain. The necklace adds just the right touch with or without the cardigan.

Lastly, additional hot accessories and trending pieces for layering are ponchos and pullovers.

The latest winter trend is all about ponchos. They pull over with ease, add simple layering and make you look like you have your style under control. Whether hooded or fringed, printed or solid, they come all varieties so you are sure to find one you love. Or maybe a few – wink, wink. They are worth adding to your closet this season.

Well, here’s to fall, great pumpkin-flavored everything, beautiful colors and cozy clothes. I hope you are inspired to feel fabulous this season.

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