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Building Your Wardrobe Starts At The Foundation

by Vicki Fairclough

Every woman wants a wardrobe that serves her well. Am I right? I mean, imagine walking into your closet every morning for your clothes to greet you with the perfect outfitting options and you know exactly how to put it all together for ultimate style confidence.

So here’s the deal – this post isn’t going to solve your problems in an instant, because you can’t just read a some advice and fix all of your problems without putting together a plan of attack. So I have put together three “must-have” Items to help get you on your way to building the wardrobe of your dreams.

1. A Good, Solid Foundation.

Every good wardrobe has to have its building blocks. In this case, its cami’s and solid knits. Make sure you stock up in everyday basic like the Wonder Cami and in colors that go with a lot of other items. Black, nude, white, navy and gray are all in my closet and put on repeat every week. So I have at least two or three of each of those colors to make sure I have a clean cami for everyday wear. I start most outfits with a wonder cami and then build my outfit from there.

2. Proper fitting denim

So how do you know if your denim is serving you well? Think about your favorite pair of jeans. You know, the ones you can’t wait to be clean again because you wear them all the time. Now ask yourself why you love those jeans. What is it about the fit, feel and style that makes you love them so much? Once you have that down, go buy more denim with all the same criteria. And if you haven’t found a pair you love unconditionally, then you probably aren’t spending enough on your denim. Sorry it’s a harsh reality, but premium denim really is worth the extra cost, because you will wear them every day for the next five years, if not longer.

Another tip is to assess your denim fabric content. For example, if your jeans have mostly cotton and very little spandex or stretch fabric blend, they are going to be less forgiving and therefore not as flattering or comfortable. We brought in a new pair of knit denim, which is a polyester, rayon, spandex and cotton blend, so these jeans fit like a dream and are super flattering when they’re on.

3. A pop of color and print

Lastly, you need to have some pieces that give a little personality to your closet. Or, should I say, add some style to your wardrobe? This can be anything from button up shirts (my personal favorite) to vests, jackets or even a good flannel. These are the pieces I love to buy most because they are fun and exciting.

My point is this: build your wardrobe on the basis of a good foundation. Then add in some fun. Keep it simple and the good outfits days will happen more and more often, with less stress.

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